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At DesCon Ventures, we believe that a project is successful only if it satisfies the Functional and Aesthetical needs at an Optimal Cost and within the set Timeframe. This, however, forms only part of the project's lifecycle. Setting the right Financial expectations at the Inception and realizing the same by Project Exit, therefore, becomes Critical for Overall Success of the project.

DesCon Ventures provides this rare advantage of having Analytical Financial expertise, Creative Problem Solving and Functional Management skills, all under a strong, proven Leadership.

Below matrix shows the services provided by DesCon Ventures through various stages of a typical speculative Commercial Real Estate project's lifecycle:

We conceive a project in five distinctive stages from the start to finish. The five stages are as follows:


This is the first stage of the project where options for highest and best use of land are explored both in terms of Financial viability and Constructability. This stage ends with a clear Business Plan, giving-out a broad Development Strategy, an Exit Strategy with expected Financial Returns, and Funding sources in place to move to the Development Phase. Since this stage requires the greatest deliberation and a thorough multi-disciplinary experience, DesCon Ventures provides the required Financial Advisory, Project Management, and Asset Management services to successfully manage this stage.


Project Constraints are agreed and Program requirements are finalized at the onset of this stage. As the project moves in to an Active Mode, numerous Design Teams come onboard followed by Intense Design Activity which needs to be Effectively Managed and Regularly Reviewed with all Stakeholders (including the Investors). The stage concludes with securing all Building Approvals from Development Authorities, completion of all Design Drawings, and selection of Major Contractors to Start Construction at site. Project Management, Design Services and Asset Management teams at DesCon Ventures ensure a well Coordinated Design and highly Competent Contractors are on-board to take the project to the Construction Stage.


This stage is marked by start of construction activity on the site. Construction Management now becomes the prime focus, and at the same time Leasing and Marketing starts gaining momentum. This stage requires the highest outlay of finances, is the most complex to manage, and generally takes the longest duration to complete in the entire project lifecycle. The stage culminates with a ready-to-occupy building with sizable number of tenants ready to start with their fit-outs. To manage this relentless Site Activity and at the same time to move ahead with Leasing & Marketing, DesCon Ventures supports with Project Management, Design Services and Asset Management services.


Post-construction stage involves Financial Closure of numerous contracts which requires extensive management to avoid any claims and litigations. Projects are stabilized and Refinanced with long term Permanent Loans, while the Property Management team takes over the operations of the buildings. At the end of this stage, based on the Exit Strategy outlined in the Business Plan, the Investors may completely/ partially exit or continue to hold the assets till a future date. DesCon Ventures provides a combination of Financial Advisory, Project Management and Asset Management Services to successfully manage this stage.


This is the last stage in any real estate project where the Owner(s)/ Investor(s) Transfer their Ownership to a Third Party through the Sale of Asset. The Buyer conducts an extensive Due Diligence on the Revenue, Expenses, Operations, and Maintenance before arriving at the Offer Price that generally needs to Negotiated to achieve the Highest Returns possible. Team at DesCon Ventures leverages its extensive experience in Acquisitions and Dispositions through Financial Advisory and Asset Management services to Maximize the Return on Equity to its Clients.

As evident above, each of these five stages require very diverse expertise which is generally provided by separate agencies. Lack of Coordination, Ineffective Communication, and Differing Motivation levels for each of the agencies generally leads to cost and time overruns, thereby, projects not meeting their intended financial returns. DesCon Ventures eliminates these risks by providing and managing the FINANCIAL ADVISORY, PROJECT MANAGEMENT, DESIGN SERVICES and ASSET MANAGEMENT Services under a Single Point of Responsibility. Moreover, since DesCon Ventures partners with the Owners/ Investors for a Share of Profit rather than Fees, the team is further incentivized to be innovative in Maximizing the Returns from the project without compromising on quality.

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